Refund Policy


Your purchase of and payment for lessons/group classes shall be regulated by this Refund and Payment Policy.


TuTopics strives to ensure a clear understanding of financial relations between Students and Tutors with respect to the services we provide. This policy applies to all services and features made available through the Website and any related TuTopics mobile device application  (collectively, the “TuTopics Portal”). Capitalized terms used and not defined herein shall have the respective meanings ascribed to them in TuTopics Terms of Service.

Tutor-Student Transactions
TuTopics facilitates contracts between Users (Students and Tutors) by supplying a Portal to request, deliver and pay for tutoring services. TuTopics is only a Portal and in no event shall  be a party to any contracts between Tutors and Students, or be responsible for any other service or materials provided by a Tutor. TuTopics will in no way be responsible for monitoring any transactions between Students and Tutors.

Billing Currency and Foreign Exchange Risk
Payment transactions will be processed in one of the available currencies as shown at checkout. Currently, the currencies available to make payments are AED, USD, EUR, and GBP.

For your convenience prices may also be shown in your local currency other than AED, USD, EUR, and GBP. In this case, the payment transactions will be processed in USD. The prices  you see in currencies other than AED, USD, EUR, or GBP are indicative (for guidance only).

Note that if your selected currency is (a) other than AED, USD, EUR, GBP, or (b) different from your payment method’s billing currency, your payment may be processed outside of  your country of residence. As a result, certain fees may apply, such as international
transaction fees and foreign exchange fees, and the amount listed on your bank statement may be different from the amount shown at checkout.

TuTopics shall not be responsible for any such fees and currency fluctuations and TuTopics hereby disclaims all liability in that regard.
We suggest you contact your bank or credit card company if you have any questions about the fees or the applicable exchange rates.

TuTopics Commission
We charge a service fee to the Tutors for the use of our services (“TuTopics Commission”). TuTopics Commission is charged on each lesson conducted by the Tutor at the rate indicated on the TuTopics Portal. TuTopics reserves the right to change TuTopics Commission at any time and will notify the Tutors of any fee changes before they become effective.

Processing Fee
TuTopics charges the Students a processing fee for the use of the TuTopics Portal. The processing fee will be applied to each purchase made on the TuTopics Portal. The applicable processing fee will be displayed at checkout.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, TuTopics may change the fees for your use of the TuTopics Portal for promotional offers or new products, and such changes will be effective when posted on the Website or as communicated via email correspondence.

The processing fee is non-refundable.

We reserve the right to change the processing fee at any time and will provide the Students with notice of any fee changes before they become effective. 

You are required to send your refund request to

If there are extenuating circumstances that caused you to miss the lesson/group class or cancel it at short notice, these refunds can be made at TuTopics’ discretion, but TuTopics is not obligated to do so.

TuTopics is not responsible for any kind of fee charged by banks or third-party payment processors, and will not cover it when initiating a refund.

In case you choose a refund option, its speed and the availability of refunded funds on your bank account will depend solely on the terms and policies of your bank. The exact refund amount will depend on the AED to your payment method’s currency exchange rate valid at the date the refund is initiated.

You may receive only one refund per request.

No refund will be issued if the User has lost and/or forgotten their login credentials (username and passwords), which has resulted in the loss of data, temporary loss of access to the User's account, or any other inconveniences for the User.

No refund will be issued in case the User has lost connection due to the absence of Internet access, factory reset, or updates.

In case you failed to submit a refund request within the stated period, you can still request us  to return the credits to your TuTopics account balance. Such credits may subsequently be used to schedule lessons/group classes with any other Tutor.

Refund Procedure
To request a refund, please email with the following information:

● Date and time of the lesson
● Reason for requested refund
● Name of your Tutor

The refund decision shall be made within 30 calendar days.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, any refunds at any time are at our sole discretion.

(1) Lessons Packages
If the lesson didn't take place, you can request (a) a lesson with another Tutor that you'll choose on the TuTopics Portal; or (b) a refund of the payment in accordance with the refund procedure described here in.

In case your scheduled lesson didn't take place but was accidentally confirmed, you can request (a) the transfer of credits to another Tutor; or (b)a refund of the payment in accordance with the refund procedure described herein.

The refund option is available only within 90 days from the date you made the payment. TuTopics is not responsible for any kind of fee charged by banks or third-party payment processors, and will not cover it when initiating a refund.

(2) Subscription
The refund policy for subscriptions is outlined TuTopics Subscription Services Term.

(3) Group Classes
If the group class was canceled up to 12 hours before the scheduled start time and the new start date does not work for you, you may join another available group class or request a refund of the corresponding payment. If One-time Group Class does not take place due to TuTopics’ or Tutor’s fault, you may request a refund. TuTopics does not provide refunds for any purchased Group Course.

In the event of a charge back by banks or third-party payment processors in connection with your purchase of any lesson/group class, you agree that we may suspend access to any and all accounts you have with us.

Fees and expenses, incurred as the result of charge backs or other payment disputes brought by you, your bank, or a third-party payment processor, shall be covered by you.

Expired Account In case you haven’t logged into your TuTopics account for more than 180 days, your account may be suspended and your remaining balance will expire.

Deletion of an Account
If you decide to delete your TuTopics account, your remaining balance will expire. In case TuTopics suspends or terminates your account due to the breach of any of our policies, you understand and agree that you shall receive no refund or compensation for
any unused balance or scheduled lessons/classes.

Payment Services
Payment processing on the TuTopics Portal is provided by third-party payment processors including, but not limited to Stripe, PayPal, Western Union, and direct bank transfers, allowing us to (a) bill the Students in lieu of directly processing the credit/debit card
information; and (b) enable payouts to the Tutors.

For the avoidance of doubt, payment made by the Student to TuTopics shall satisfy the Student’s obligation with respect to the payment to the Tutor for the tutoring services provided via the TuTopics Portal. We use an integrated iframe for checkouts from third-
party payment processors, and Tutors get payment for each confirmed lesson/group class. Correspondingly all transactions are secured as third-party payment processors use SSL
encryption protection.

Data Provided by You
You agree and understand that the billing information, which you provide to make payment for lessons/group classes via the TuTopics Portal, is processed by third-party payment processors only. TuTopics does not collect, store or otherwise process your billing

You agree that TuTopics will not be responsible for any failures of the third party to protect such information adequately. The processing of payments will be subject to the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of third-party payment processors in addition to this policy. You acknowledge that we may change third-party payment processors and require them to transfer your information to other service providers that encrypt your information using secure socket layer technology (SSL) or other comparable security technology.

Payment methods available on the TuTopics Portal are as follows:

● PayPal
● Apple Pay
● Google Pay

All payments for the use of the TuTopics Portal and the tutoring services shall be made through the TuTopics Portal.

Students are liable for all transaction fees related to the payments for the use of the TuTopics Portal and the tutoring services.

Tutors get payments for each confirmed lesson/group class. To receive the payment, Tutors should use one of the third-party payment processors available on the TuTopics Portal for the secured transactions. Please note that third-party payment processors charge a fee for every transaction. Such transaction fees shall be deducted from the respective payout amount directly by the receiving bank.

TuTopics will not be liable for any/all international banking transaction fees or destination banking transaction fees related to the payments confirmed lesson/group class.

Tutors will receive payments for each confirmed lesson/group class up to 30 days from completion of the confirmed lesson/group class date.

Forfeit of Funds
Tutors get payments for each confirmed lesson/group class. To get paid, Tutors must complete each lesson/group class on time and with professional manner.

In case a Tutor:

● fails to complete a lesson/group class.
● does not show up on time or give advance notice to explain the extenuating circumstances.
● fails to attend a lesson/group class as scheduled and confirmed through the TuTopics Portal.
● fails to notify changes in plans or inability to attend a lesson/group class at least 48 hours prior to the start date/time of the lesson/group class.
● displays inappropriate behavior or the use of inappropriate language during the lesson/group class.
● share their private contact information such as but not limited to mobile phone number, email address, social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc.) or any other forms of written or verbal communication.

A Tutor understands and agrees that failure to comply in any of the above listed situations shall lead to full forfeit of any and all commissions being held in good faith by TuTopics.

TuTopics is not a bank or any type of financial institution and does not provide any financial services or advice. Any payments made via the TuTopics Portal are made solely for the purpose of access, facilitation, and delivery of the tutoring services between Students and Tutors. Such payments may not be made and used for any fraudulent, criminal or illegal activity as defined by the law.